Dear World


It’s times like this where you realize that in a technological revolution, the original force that connects the world is in fact mother nature herself. An earthquake in Japan leads to a tsunami that travels the length of the ocean to wreck havoc in South America, leaving destruction and turmoil all around. Everyday we see examples of how there are certain things in this world that are beyond our capacity to control. Things that affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Yet as humans we carelessly equate it to monetary damage first before considering the human cost.

There was a time once where I would question the existence of God whenever a disaster like this struck because at the time where divine intervention would be the most appropriate form of salvation, there was none. Then I figured it out. Life is a fragile vase. You can take absolute care of it or you can be careless. You can fill it up with whatever you want, from love and friendship to money but it will eventually break. One might think that I have a cynical or pessimistic view but this could not be further from the truth. What I’m trying to say it that you should fill you vase with whatever makes you happy and keeps you satisfied but always remember not to get too attached to it. So when the time comes for you to let it all go, you can, knowing that your knowledge of inevitability would enable you to treasure the things you have only when you have it and not when you don’t.


My goal for MYSELF


A Gunman runs riot on unassuming movie-goers.

A group of men molest a woman in public while people watch and do nothing.

North Korea threatens pretty much everyone with war.

And every radical extremist wants to kill someone in the name of someone else.

These are just some of the many headlines that occupy my mind and every news network out there. If only there was something we can do. Leaders, freedom fighters, activitists all tell us to stand up and make a change. But in this inter-connected world with as many differing opinions as there are people, can we really make a change without offending someone else?

Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to make the world better. They debate about it. They offer advice and counsel. They offer their school of thought as a solution to someone else’s problem. But it’s hard to imagine that that is solution because it also feels like the reason why disagreements start in the first place.

It feels almost as evil as the devil himself to suggest that perhaps the solution is to do nothing. But could that be a solution? Could we really solve problems by sitting idly by and letting people come to their own realization on what is right and what is wrong?

I may be wrong. Many people will probably think I am wrong. God himself may think I’m a fool to just be a passive observer to the problems in the world. But here is my reason.

I want my goal for myself to be to leave this world knowing that I didn’t make the world a worse place. So I shouldn’t force my morals, theories or ideals on anyone. Rather I will live the most positive and fulfilling life I feel I can live.

I will…

Love because I can.

Laugh because I can.

Smile because I can.

Share because I can.

Dance because I can.

Help because I can.

And most importantly, live because I can. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I will consciously make an effort to be a positive person in this world.

I probably won’t get it right all the time. But it doesn’t matter. I just have to try and be the best I can be.

We shouldn’t have to try and change the world. It shouldn’t be our responsibility. It may be our calling, our passion, our desire but NOT our responsibility.

So don’t feel obliged to change the way the world functions.

Be conscious of the kind of person you want to be.

This is my goal. I will not attempt to make the world any worse than it already is and hopefully a little better in the process.

My dear family, friends and everyone who reads this, let’s make a change. Not to this world but to ourselves. Let’s be the best we can be.

Do those who are already doing it, awesome!! Ultimate respect for you guys. It’s not easy but it’s the easiest solution to the world’s problems.

Finding the Perfect Self


I pray I can be the perfect me. Because that’s all I can do. I don’t know what the perfect me really is. I can only do what is within my power to be the best version of me. But to be a perfect me, that requires a certain amount of faith. Faith that a tapestry of events will somehow bring together unique experiences that will make a perfect me.

People doubt the ability to be perfect. Because to them being perfect requires you to have no flaws. For me that feels like the wrong approach. Having flaws and making mistakes, they are all natures way of showing you what it takes to be perfect.

Humans are the only ones who tell you you are not perfect and who believe that you can’t be perfect. But what do we know? We have been around for 2 million years while some other lifeforms have been around for 45 billion years. So how can the most inexperienced species on earth tell you you can’t be perfect?

For me perfection happens when you acknowledge your imperfections and live harmoniously with it. Then it becomes a mental state. And when it is a state of mind, you can change it. And when you change it, you are perfect.

You are who you want to be. And when you become that, you are perfect. That is the beauty of life. You dictate who you are and with that, you will find your perfect self.

Our greatest gift.


Use your heart. Use it everyday. It is a muscle. It needs to train to become strong. And only when it is strong can it not be broken.

Use your mind. Use it everyday. Because it controls you. And since practice makes perfect, make sure you use it enough for it to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Use your hands. Use it everyday. For your hands speak more than your words. So let your hands speak more about love than your vocabulary can.

Use your eyes. Use it everyday. It is the most sincere part of your body. You can fool everyone with every part of you. But you cannot fool anyone with your eyes.

Use your ears. Use it everyday. The easiest way to connect with someone is to listen to what they have to say. Remember, your ears don’t judge. So make sure your mind does the same.

Our body is the greatest gift we could ever receive, not something nor someone. Treasure it. Utilise it. And make sure that when the time comes for you to give it back to your creator, it’s as worn out as can be. In the most positive sense of the word of course.

I am a Singaporean


I realized something sad but suprisingly motivating today. The only thing I miss about Singapore is my family, friends and the perks of living in a (dare I say) supremely safe place. Isn’t it a shame? Apart from safety, the other two things don’t really have much to do with Singapore. While I can’t say that that is how all Singaporeans feel, I think I can safely say that something is lacking in our little island state.

As to what that might be, I’m not entirely sure. In fact, how can anyone be sure of what it is? We are one of the youngest countries in this world. And when you’re a young country, you don’t really have an identity or a unique culture because you are still figuring it out. It is just like when we were teenagers. We used the process of trial and error to find out who we are and I think it is no different for Singapore. We’re still figuring it out.

The only problem is that when we were teenagers, we had people telling us what we should do and how we should act. Not knowing any better, we follow. Because why wouldn’t we? The people who have the ability to influence us are supposedly wiser and care about our well-being. And that is what I feel we as Singaporeans did. We listened to big brother because they knew what was best. And during the early days, they did. In fact, they were pretty spot on.

But times have changed. And now we are stuck in a vacuum of unhappiness. We no longer feel like Singaporeans in Singapore, we no longer feel like this is a place we can call home and we no longer feel like this is where we belong.

But you see, we can’t blame anyone for the past and what it has led to. No one has perfect foresight. We can only hold OURSELVES accountable for letting THEM carry on doing what they do even though it hurts us. It is on us now. We have to be the change we want to see.

If you choose to be a fatalist, you will suffer. But not as much as your children will. If you think Singaporeans are unhappy now, imagine how our children will feel if nothing changes? And that is something worth considering. If you feel something is wrong, debate, discuss, compromise if you have to and make a change.

Don’t just sit there and accept it as it is.

Don’t just complain about it.

And even worse, don’t create animosity and resentment. It is certainly too late for that and it won’t solve anything.

We must simply make a change and make it quick.

I am Singaporean by birth. And while the idea of leaving to another (“better”) country is incredibly irresistible, I shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t have to. We need to work together to find a way for everyone who lives on our island to not only live harmoniously but to live happily. Let me emphasize it again. HAPPILY.

So let’s make sure we remind ourselves everyday that Singapore is the Republic of Singapore and not Singapore Private Limited.