It is a place where we do not confuse our needs with our wants

that way our greed wouldn’t be at the expense of wildlife, trees and plants

It is lifestyle where our goals are not insatiable

Because then we’ll realize, happiness is always achievable

It is an ideal where we recognize those who are spiritual

rather than only rewarding  the success that is empirical

And so you may be an optimist and say that it’ll be something we’ll eventually embrace

but in its definition, it says an imagined place


My Darling Alexandra

My Darling Alexandra

If only you knew the war that goes on in my mind

A constant battle for sanity

an ideal to which I am skeptical I’ll find

But amidst all of the troubles that corrupt my optimism

I hold one thing to be true

That in a place that encourages conformity

I found someone I can be different with…and that someone is you

To be in love is to be vulnerable

Something I am always willing to do

Yet to trust is always a tricky thing

a goal we all find hard to pursue

The reason is simple… with age it gets harder

and I think you feel the same

Because if both are willing

then there is no one to blame

And thus I’m not asking you to trust me with your heart

Just hold my hand baby and don’t let go

That’ll be the perfect start


What do you when you have so many thoughts that fill your mind?

When you bombard yourself with questions to which answers you may never find.


You learnt to overcome adversity only when you live in a structure,

but know you’re the happiest when you stand at the doors of departure…


Because you are always ready to leave since you have yet to find a home in anything,

rather you just sit around to witness and except anything that your life will bring.


So forgive yourself for you know not what you want,

therefore to be contented with your life… you can’t.


The world is truly changing. Societal norms are constantly being revised. Culture is updated more frequently that future generations will not have a culture to hold on to but a culture to modify. The gift of reminiscing will slowly fade away with time and people will struggle to find the time to truly ponder about the past and the good times that came with it.

We live in exponential times where change is not only constant but rapid. I fear we will one day lose the beauty of enjoying the moment because we now have the ability to do so much is such a short span of time. I’m not against the progress of society, far from. I am however pondering the fact that we may one day have this culture of rushing through life that we simply forget that the true wonders of life happen when we simply stop and absorb. We can’t fight the evolution of mankind. What we can do is to evolve rationally to fuze the old with the new, culture with modernity, love with infatuation.

While we are intelligent beings we are also simple ones. We can have everything is the world but we are driven by emotion and if we can’t satisfy them, everything else material would not matter.

The Temporary Life

It’s times like this where you realize that in a technological revolution, the original force that connects the world is in fact mother nature herself. An earthquake in Japan leads to a tsunami that travels the length of the ocean to wreck havoc in South America, leaving destruction and turmoil all around.

Everyday we see examples of how there are certain things in this world that are beyond our capacity to control. Things that affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Yet as humans we carelessly equate it to monetary damage first before considering the human cost.

There was a time once where I would question the existence of God whenever a disaster like this struck because at the time where divine intervention would be the most appropriate form of salvation, there was none. Then I figured it out. Life is a fragile vase. You can take absolute care of it or you can be careless. You can fill it up with whatever you want, from love and friendship to money but it will eventually break.

One might think that I have a cynical or pessimistic view but this could not be further from the truth. What I’m trying to say it that you should fill you vase with whatever makes you happy and keeps you satisfied but always remember not to get too attached to it. So when the time comes for you to let it all go, you can, knowing that your knowledge of inevitability would enable you to treasure the things you have only when you have it and not when you don’t.

Our Greatest Gift

Use your heart. Use it everyday. It is a muscle. It needs to train to become strong. And only when it is strong can it not be broken.

Use your mind. Use it everyday. Because it controls you. And since practice makes perfect, make sure you use it enough for it to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Use your hands. Use it everyday. For your hands speak more than your words. So let your hands speak more about love than your vocabulary can.

Use your eyes. Use it everyday. It is the most sincere part of your body. You can fool everyone with every part of you. But you cannot fool anyone with your eyes.

Use your ears. Use it everyday. The easiest way to connect with someone is to listen to what they have to say. Remember, your ears don’t judge. So make sure your mind does the same.

Our body is the greatest gift we could ever receive, not something nor someone. Treasure it. Utilise it. And make sure that when the time comes for you to give it back to your creator, it’s as worn out as can be. In the most positive sense of the word of course.