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Dear Central African Republic, I wish I could help you.

My ability to help is limited. And perhaps yours too. But the inability to do something (or anything) should not be a reason why we remain ignorant.

The Central African Republic (CAR) is going through one of the deadliest civil wars in recent history. The Seleka – who are made up of mostly muslims – and the Anti-Balaka – who are made up of mostly christians – are in the midst of destroying themselves.

There has been minimal media coverage, peacekeeping presence and aid. I wish I had the power to do something about that. But I don’t. And that is why I write. Hoping that maybe…somehow it can be of the tiniest, littlest help or glimmer of hope so that there can be an end in sight and subsequently, peace.

There has been an ethnic cleansing; by militias that are made up of more child soldiers than actual ones. Women are being raped. And together with children are forced to survive on their own while the men carry on with the fight.

Its hard to live a privileged life when things like this still happen all around us. Maybe that’s the reason why I’d rather be living in a place like the CAR. The naivety in thinking my presence would in someway affect the outcome is obvious. I know that. But in a world where hope is rarer than a lunar eclipse, there seems to be no other option that would satisfy me.

As for now all I can do is pray to god – even if i’m not sure there is one. And hope that somehow my writing can help.