If there is a God

If there isn’t a God, then we could sure use one. How else can we stop the evils in this world if we ourselves cannot draw the line between good and evil?

It would be particularly helpful for a God to dictate for us certain paths that cause conflict between the mind and the heart. It would be useful if he/she could play the role of a referee and tell us the rules of this game we call life, should we make a mistake. And it would be especially useful if he/she was a fortune-teller and tell us if there ever will be a world with complete harmony because if not, then we are certainly wasting our time trying to create one.

But if we were to want a God to provide us with the answers, we must be willing to give up our freedom. How many of us are willing to do that? To want a God is to want to be dependent. And as Rousseau once said, dependency destroys freedom. Therefore expecting autonomy while still believing in a God would only lead to the demise of one’s sanity and thus the opportunity to have (perceived) freedom.

If there is a God, then it is clear he/she is a non-interventionist. God has perhaps only given us the essentials of being a human and let us free into the wilderness of the abyss to fend for ourselves. It is God’s way of telling us to do what we will with the gift he/she has given us – the gift of life. But when this is all over, we have to accept the consequences of all our actions. And pay the price in the after-life. But this is only if God exists.