The Irony of the News

It seems harder to find a news or media outlet that isn’t highly opinionated. Slowly but surely, these outlets find that having an opinion is what’s required for them to stay relevant and popular in a modern society, ergo, more profitable. The irony of course is that now, what we consume from them is someone’s opinion on what’s happening in the world today rather than what’s actually happening.

It’s a dangerous game to play. When you have an audience looking to you for information and instead you give them only the information that will side with your argument, it shapes the way your audienceĀ thinks, which would inevitably create a very polarizing society.

This begs the question: How can we report the news from a neutral perspective when its profitability depends on it taking a particular side? Outlets like Fox and Huffington Post have always been guilty of this. But what’s worse is that normally dependable outlets such as the Guardian are slowing moving towards that direction.

I suppose we only have ourselves to blame when all we crave is entertainment. We expect outlets that once provided only information to produce their content like how E! Entertainment would produce a reality show – have people shout over each other during a discussion or tell people why something is wrong without stating clearly the important facts of the case.

It sure would be nice if someone brought back the news