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The real tragedy of a natural disaster such as typhoon Haiyan

I may be a big supporter against climate change but let’s calm down on that debate right now. Yes I’m sure climate change must’ve played some part in the typhoon that hit the Philippines recently. But in the aftermath, we can see more pressing issues that need to be settled first.

To me, it is a big RED FLAG when we give money only after a disaster has struck. Why the sympathy now? Prior to this, we knew that Tacloban was an area that has always been prone to mother nature’s wrath. But when all is calm, there is no urgency to help build infrastructure that would better protect them against disaster’s such as this. Because why does an impoverished area need protection? They are not valuable enough to warrant our help.

That may not be our intention but it is certainly the message we are giving.

We needed to see the children crying and begging for food and water on a plot of land that was once their home to feel bad enough to want to help them. And all the while trying to forget the real tragedy of the situation, which was that while we could not have prevented this natural disaster, we could have prevented the severity of the destruction and suffering that it caused.

Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake that hit Haiti and now typhoon Haiyan. Their wrath was unavoidable. But the magnitude of its impact could have been lessened.

So the real question I think we all need to ask ourselves now is how valuable must someone’s life be before it becomes imperative for us to help them? Is it more important to fortify an area that generates economic value before we fortify an area that doesn’t? Because if so, we might as well put up a billboard in places such has Tacloban that says “We don’t really give a f**k about you, but in times of tragedy we will help you to rid us of our guilt.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the area affected would be rebuilt moving forward. Because if nothing is done to improve the situation, I think people from impoverished places all around the world will have a definitive answer as to how much the world really cares about them.