Embarking on my 1st book (and hopefully not my last)



Picture: Brainstorming and Scene Planning


So I’ve decided to write my 1st book. And  it’ll probably be the most trying thing I’ll embark on this year. But last year (2013), was the most life-changing year thus far. I think it’ll be foolish if I don’t wrestle with the blank page to chronicle those events.

Nevertheless, as of now, it is going to be a fiction piece, which would give me more room to play around with story ideas as well as different first person narratives.

Making this goal public is my way of putting pressure on myself to see it through. I hope I can do you proud with it. But more importantly, do myself proud.

To my first book!



Creativity is our sanity

Our creativity is our own. No one can take that away from us. It can neither be replicated nor stolen from within our depths. It is our own, and ours to keep. It is constantly evolving with each progressive or regressive step we take. No wonder our creativity is the cornerstone to our sanity.

Creativity allows us to express ourselves with complete freedom. Like our soul, it cannot be restricted in any way or form. Through the expression of our creativity, we are able to seamlessly merge who we are, and who we want to be – including everything in between.

Creativity has the potential to overcome culture, society and a formal education. The truly creative don’t learn to be creative neither do they listen to people who dictate where their creativity should flourish. Instead, they learn only to be the best version of themselves in order for creativity to maximize its potential.

We cannot be creative if we are not ourselves. We cannot give the best gift we could give to this world if we work within the confines of another man/woman. We should not stifle ourselves because someone tells us to.

Freedom is oxygen for our creativity. And creativity is the lifeblood of our sanity.